A Few Tips To Stop Keeping Your Phone Out of Your Bedroom at Night

Keep your phone out of your bedroom: This is standard sleep hygiene advice, and I’ve never been able to follow it. For one thing, it seems silly to go out and buy a standalone alarm clock when I already have a perfectly good one on my phone—and it’s more customizable, too. For another thing, where am I going to put it?

Yes, I am aware. For example, there are smart, sleep-conscious people out there who have built a small charging station in their living room. Alarm clocks are inexpensive; you can get one at IKEA for less than two dollars. And you’re probably delusory if you think scrolling your phone all evening “helps you wind down,” or scrolling all morning “helps you wake up.” I’m aware of everything. But I can’t bring myself to plug it in anywhere else.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s so simple that I feel bad for all the sleep hack gurus who haven’t discovered it. You simply placed your phone out of reach of the bed.

Why should you charge your phone somewhere out of reach?
By keeping your phone away from your bed, you accomplish two things, both of which can be accomplished without actually moving it from the room. (Not to mention that some of us don’t have an extra room. What if you live in a one-bedroom apartment? (How about if you’re staying in a hotel?)

The first step is to eliminate the temptation to check your phone right before going to bed. The light from the screen tells your brain that it’s not time to sleep yet (even if you’re using night mode), and the distraction of getting into fights on the internet, or whatever you’re doing on there, keeps your brain active when it should be thinking sleepy thoughts.

The second reason to this is related to what occurs in the morning. I do have a separate alarm clock, one of those sunrise numbers that gradually brightens the lights before eventually playing a soft melody overlaid with bird calls.

A Few Tips To Stop Keeping Your Phone Out of Your Bedroom at Night

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